Have you ever noticed how the most brilliant ideas can come from the most unexpected places? That’s exactly what happened with the iconic FALB robot logo.

One evening, after a long day, I was relaxing with my daughter in the garden. We were chatting about FALB, its values, and how it could stand out even more. Logos were the topic of conversation, and a playful debate ensued. We both agreed FALB needed something fresh, something that embodied its innovative spirit.

Suddenly, my daughter’s eyes lit up. “A robot!” she exclaimed. “FALB is adaptable, versatile and innovative, so why not a robot to represent that?”

Intrigued by her idea, I encouraged her to sketch it out. She ran off with her IPad and came back a few hours later with our lovely friendly FALB robot welcoming smile.

Something clicked. Her simple design captured the essence of FALB perfectly. It conveyed a sense of progress, technology, and a touch of playfulness – all values core to the FALB brand.

She did such a good job that it needed to amendments. And so, the FALB robot logo was born – not from a boardroom meeting or a design agency, but from a heartfelt conversation between a mother and daughter.

Now, whenever I see the FALB robot, it reminds me of that special evening and the power of imagination. It’s a testament to the fact that innovation can come from anywhere, even from the most unexpected sources like a child’s creative mind.

The FALB robot logo is more than just an image; it’s a story of family, inspiration, and a shared belief in progress. It’s a symbol of how FALB embraces new ideas and pushes the boundaries, constantly striving to be at the forefront of peoples’ minds in Crawley.