Here's how we can help FALBoost your business!

Cost Effective Marketing

    • Low-Cost Advertising: It’s our job to drive people to the site, which saves you money on advertising costs.
    • Targeted Advertising: FALB is reaching out to target Crawley to enhance marketing effectiveness.

Increased Visibility and Reach

  • Exposure: FALB will help increase your visibility to your ideal customers searching for your services or products.

  • SEO Benefits: Listings often improve search engine optimisation (SEO), helping businesses rank higher in search engine results.


Credibility & Trust

    • Customer Views: Untrustworthy businesses are removed from this directory building trust with our visitors.
    • Professional Appearance: Being listed on a reputable directory can enhance a business’s professional image.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Up-to-Date Information: Businesses can keep their information current, providing customers with accurate contact details, hours of operation, and services offered.


Competitive Advantage

Local SEO: Being listed in local directories can significantly boost local SEO efforts, making it easier for nearby customers to find your business.


Convenience and Efficiency:

Easy Search: Customers can quickly find businesses that meet their needs through categorised listings and search functions.


Comprehensive Information:

    • Detailed Listings: FALB offers comprehensive details about your business, including services offered, contact information, and location.
    • Special Offers: Customers can find special deals or promotions listed by your business, saving money and adding value to their purchases.


If you’re not sure about joining, here are few benefits to your business.

We are a new and upcoming directory for Crawley. We want all businesses in Crawley to feel a part of a community as this creates a natural referal system if everyone is connected.

We are also striving for one place for people to go to when looking for a business by being able to search easily by their neighborhood name to find someone local.


FALB is going to stay small, we are keeping it for Crawley so it will not get lost and forgotten about like other directories.

Read our news to keep up to date with our latest developmemts.